Sunday, February 28


last day of February.. a lot of surprise in this month, mood gue naik turun ga karuan. semoga aja maret bisa jadi lebih stabil. dan pensi gue terancam gagal lho, menurut gue malah udh gagal. ga tau deh, we'll see
anyway, again, I'm gonna give you songs list yang sering gue dengerin selama bulan Februari
  • Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap (still)
  • Ya Ya - The Moffatts
  • Telephone - Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
  • Let Go - Monkey To Millionaire
  • Merah - Monkey To Millionaire
  • Hey Joe - Tahiti 80
  • Did You Get My Message - Jason Mraz
  • Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want - The Smiths
  • Us - Regina Spektor
  • Best Days - Matt White
so, welcome March! better than February please..I'm begging you

stay overnight

hang-out on saturday night. laughing until cry. they (unyi, try, brama, romi, coro, drean) are always success making me laugh

abis itu dengan tiba tiba unyi memutuskan nginep dirumah gue, dan lebih tiba tibanya lagi romi sama coro ikutan nginep dirumah gue. wew. obrolan berlanjut sampe jam setengah 4 pagi.
then, thanks guys. another awesome night :D

Saturday, February 27

happy birthday dhancilee

happy sweet seventeen Dhanisa Kamila ♥♥♥
we love you more and MORE each day, dancing queen! kiss kiss
team success
you are the dancing queen, young and sweet, 'already' seventeen

Thursday, February 18

grow up please

happy birthday mycabutoss
you know what? you're the best chair mate ever! iloveyou so damn much, muah
so, we came to her house at night and gave her surprise!
she's crying you know! hahaha
team-success. we love you our yotsuba

Wednesday, February 17

physics assignment

where : TMII, Museum PPIPTEK
when : Saturday, 13 February 2010. from 10.00 a.m 'til 04.00 p.m
who : XI IPA 4
I love this machine for sure! awesome
introducing, Novela Spalo Vianza. this guy is a freak
you are totally stupid, coro
this is my team-mates! (me cabut coro fathan and vito)
and this is my class-mates :D


Sunday, February 14

February getting better

this saturday is a tiring day but it ends happily! yes, February is getting better and better.
gue ketemuan di picadily, koffe huis di sana udh ad alia tiwi sama shirin. terus ga lama enyo brama try vicky sama romi dtg. we played games like uno and others, making jokes, laugh until cry, be a moron, sometimes tell about serious problem but it ends with laugh. yeah, that's why I call them camen-mates
we are having sooo much fun! thanks for another awesome night, pals

Friday, February 12

get well soon our 'Dancing Queen'

"dhanisa diopname di rumah sakit **** tifus sm gejala dbd"
gue rada shock pas baca sms dari anya, yang kepikiran di gue cuma 'dhanisa sekurus itu di opnam? mau jadi apa dia?' tapi dia beneran masuk rumah sakit
hari ini gue jengukin dia brg farah cabut yuyen giri vito drean sama fathan. dan suasana rumah sakit yang biasanya hening tidak wajar, menjadi riuh dalam sekejap (hanya di kamar dhanisa tentunya)
get well soon 'cause I really missing you baby :'(

Thursday, February 11

heavy february

yes, this month kinda making me depressed..
I need something.. something that can make me forget about all things for a while
or maybe I should run and hide
hiding somewhere far from people, troubles, problems? anything..
I don't know, I just need time to be alone
it would be nice if I could play swing on a quite beach..
yeah, it would be very nice