Saturday, July 31


Time goes by soooo fast! kayaknya baru kemaren gue nge post "June" dan sekarang udah ngepost July.
by the way, 12nd grade, so far, working well. semoga makin tambah baik, baik dan baik. Eh udah mau Agustus berarti udah mau puasaaaa..aaaa.. gue selalu excited menyambut bulan puasa, maafkan segala kesalahan2 gue yang disengaja maupun tidak ya. semoga amal ibadah selama sebulan nanti diterima, amen. So, here is the top 10
  • Haste To The Wedding - The Corrs
  • 21 Guns - Green Day ft. The Cast of American Idiot
  • Bewitched - Samuel Barnett & Richard Sisson
  • Hey, Soul Sister - Train
  • California Girls - Katy Perry ft. Snoop Dogg
  • Replay (Cover) - Joseph Vincent
  • We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool
  • OMG - Usher ft. Will.I.Am
  • The Mess I Made - Parachute
  • I Will - The Beatles
Ah finally you came, August! hurry hurry!

Thursday, July 29


piano - violin - orchestra are three things that really really amaze me.

I played the piano since 3rd grade and I got piano lessons. But since junior high, because of something I stopped the lesson. But I'm still playing until now, although I haven't play the piano as often as before when I still got the lesson. I really really really love piano. It just, I don't know.. piano sounds is very elegant, and graceful, and peaceful, and sooo beautiful. I hope someday I can be a great pianist. master!
When I first heard violin sounds, it really goes straight into my heart (what the..). I mean, violin sounds is really touch my heart. I can't describe the sounds, but it's really, I mean, really marvelous. magnificent. I know is not easy to play violin, but I wish someday I could play violin.
After I have become a great pianist, or violin player, I'm definitely will join to an orchestra. I will. I've never watched an orchestra performances but I know, it must be awesome. And I want to play on that stage with other people and play Beethoven or Mozart or Chopin songs, or other songs. It just like dreams come true.
well.. impossible is nothing, right?

Wednesday, July 28

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Saturday, July 24

wish you luck as I wave you goodbye

all we ever do is say goodbye
so farewell, big brother. we're here will always pray for your best. make us proud and come home soooooon!!!!
and it's quite alright
and goodbye for now
just look up to the stars
and believe who you are
'cause it's quite alright
and so long goodbye

p.s : I'm crying while writing this post

Monday, July 12

the end of the biggest event in every 4 years

everyone knows about the FIFA World Cup, the biggest event which is always held in every 4 years! and guess what? FIFA World Cup 2010 was already over.
something missing? yeah.. during a month, almost every night (In Indonesia) we always watched the very exciting games! and last night (early morning) was the final match.. Netherlands vs Spain
opened with awesome performances in World Cup Closing Ceremony, then the match begins..
and the final score is, 1-0 for Spain!!
Congratulation for Spain!!!
this is the first time Spain play in the final world cup and they did it! They won! They are the winner!
can't wait for the next FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil
once again, congrats Spain!

Sunday, July 11

girls just wanna have fun

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Monday, July 5

what if..

what if I give you my smile?
are you gonna stay for a while?

what if I put you in my dreams tonight?
are you gonna stay until it's bright?

what if I give you my story?
are you gonna listen to me?

what if I give you my heart?
are we never gonna be apart?

what if I do ignore you?
will you just walk away and cry?

what if I did disappoint you?
are you gonna say goodbye?

what if I try to catch flying snitch?
are you gonna come with me?

what if I give you my song?
are we gonna sing along?

what if you leave me right here?
I'm right here and waiting for you

Friday, July 2

holiday movies

Notes :
  • The Twilight Saga : Eclipse Jacob Black is soooooo HOT! aaaaaa *melting
  • Fired Up! very funny and entertaining! I watch this movie over and over again
  • Everybody's Fine this is a good movie, trust me
  • Hachiko I was crying very hard when watched this movie
  • The Blind Side this movie is awesome! must watch it! MUST!
  • Percy Jackson I like this movie because I do interest in Greek Mythology
  • Goodbye SOLO I can't talk when movie finished