Thursday, April 22

a room-by-room guide to creating a home that makes you happy

yesterday, I went to ak.'sa.ra citos and found this book
The Book of Decorating
it's about 270 pages and it's all about how to design or decorating a (sweet) home. I really looveee this book! so I bought it, haa!
"The new decor bible for how we live today" -Albert Hadley

Sunday, April 18

Elena Kalis Photography

have you ever been heard name Elena Kalis? if you haven't, then let me tell you about her.
She born in Moscow, Russia and lived in the small island in Bahamas with her husband and two children. She has an education in art, but have recently been following her interest in photography. Over the past few years, she has been doing some underwater projects.
and this is one of my favorite project
Alice In Waterland
and this is my favorite randomly
wonderful, right? what a beautiful work. just check out another her beautiful work in
see ya!

Friday, April 16

in ♥ with floral

yes yes yes yes, I'm so in looooove with floral! anything floral, prints, dresses, shoes, rings, bracelets, bags, wreaths, head-bands, or bandanas, anything!
sooo I bought this shoes
this clutch
and this scarf
and trust me, I will buy another floral things
floral just too beauty to ignore

become travelers for two days

menjadi travelers di bandung. yes, unyi anya and me did it. kita bener2 cuma bertiga, kemana2 bertiga, makan bertiga, tidur bertiga, belanja bertiga, semua bertiga
and it's a LOT of fun! ♥♥

we must do thing like this again! aaaaaaa love ya :*

Sunday, April 4

new itemsss

grey crop t-shirt
crop jeans jacket
flower wreath bracelet
and my new room-mate.. JOJO

see ya!